Weekend Program - Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some questions that are asked frequently asked. If you have additional questions, please email info@ideamath.org

Program Information

Are all classes aimed towards math competitions?

Classes are not aimed exclusively towards math competitions. Instead, IDEA Math is a program that can help students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills in the long run. We have found that our program not only broadens and deepens the students' knowledge and skills in mathematics, but also help them develop perseverance and creativity that will benefit them in the long-run, regardless of their career paths.


I have taken IDEA MATH classes last year, will the classes be repeated for next year?

We have reorganized our series this year so that the majority of the material will be brand new. In future years, students could choose to move up from one series to another. Moreover, if a student chooses to be in a series for two years in a row, we will insert new problems and concepts into that series from year to year.


How am I (the student) evaluated? Are there any evaluation tests?

In each session, there will be about two 1 to 1.5 hour tests/quizzes to check each student's progress. One test will be in the middle of the course, and the other will be at the end. The tests are intended as check points. They are not evaluations.

There could also be various forms of mock contests or team contests. Scores/results will be kept only for the purpose of practicing, not for evaluation. We try to use these activities to stimulate students' interest and get them used to the contest atmosphere, instead of pressuring them through evaluation.


Who shall I meet at IDEA MATH?

Other capable students from the Massachusetts area who are passionate about mathematics. Many of our students have developed lasting friendships with their IDEA MATH peers, and many have learned a great deal from their peers as well as their instructors.


What is the difference between IDEA MATH and what I am learning in school?

The depth. At IDEA MATH, we do not focus on introducing students to higher math concepts, say Calculus. However, we go into much greater depth with topics covered in a middle/high school curriculum. For example, an eighth grade geometry math class may cover the triangle are formula of base times height divided by two, but our Math Roots Series will introduce students to three or four more important ways to calculate the same area. Students will see the connection between these different ways.


Can I sit in for a class?

Usually we do not allow sit-ins. However, we do encourage all prospective students to join us for the Open House.



How do I apply?

Please visit the weekend program Registration page.


Small Group and Private Lessons

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. We offer lessons for all mathematical subjects, standardized tests and competitions for small groups and individuals.

How do I schedule a private or small group lesson?

Please call (603)686-1706 or email info@ideamath.org.

What is the rate of private and small group lesson?

The price varies by the subjects, levels and  the group's size,  with a range from $40 to $100 per hour per person. Please contact us for specifics.